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Updated Schedule!!! GLA DAY and House League Photo Day

Update to Photo Schedule!!!

Updated Thursday May 9, 2019 by Gloucester Minor Lacrosse Association.

GLA DAY - Saturday May 11th, 12pm to 7pm @ Fred Barrett Arena

Reminder to make sure you visit the InAction Photography Website to place your photo order prior to your session.  Whether you are paying online via credit or in person with Cash, your order needs to be done prior to coming to your session (see attached process):

Here is the udpated schedule:

12:45PM Peanut

1:00PM Paperweight 1

1:15PM Paperweight 2

1:30PM Paperweight 3

1:45PM Tyke HL 1

2:00PM Tyke HL 2

2:15PM Novice HL 1

2:30PM Novice HL 2

2:45PM Novice HL 3

3:00PM Novice HL 4

3:15PM Peewee HL 1

3:30PM Peewee HL 2

3:45PM Peewee HL 3

4:00PM Peewee HL 4

4:15PM Bantam HL 1

4:30PM Bantam HL 2

4:45PM Bantam HL 3

5:00PM Bantam HL 4

5:15PM Midget HL

5:30PM Peewee Girls HL 1

5:45PM Peewee Girls HL 2

6:00PM Bantam Girls HL 1

6:15PM Bantam Girls HL 2

6:30PM Bantam Rep Girls

6:35PM Midget Girls HL

Other events happening that day:

- HL Photos


- Competitive GLA Games starting at 1pm and running the whole day

- Old Apparel and tshirts for sale

- Lacroix Sports on site with Catalogue Items for sale and ordering

Mark your calendars, GLA day is set for May 11th.  All HL Photos are scheduled between 12pm and 7pm.  Attached please find the details for ordering photos and scheduled times for all HL Teams.  Please note due to scheduling conflict with the Upper Hall, we will be doing Competitive Team Photos on Wednesday, May 15th.  Your manager will provide further details.

This year we are pleased to welcome InAction Photography to be our Association Photographers.  The association is offering a free team photo to all players who shows up for their team photo, no forms are required. Additional photos are optional.  Please see attached process that needs to be completed prior to Photo Day and the day of.

If you have any further questions, please send them to

See you on the 11th for a Great Day of LAX!

GLA Photo Day Details